Secure Remote Access-Linux


NOTE: The SSLVPN service has been upgraded to version 8.0R1. Network Connect is supported on Linux Systems only. Windows and Mac OS should use the "Junos Pulse Client".
  • Secure remote access uses VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology to create a more secure link between your device and the York network.
  • Secure Remote Access is required for accessing many services from off campus.
  • This service is strongly recommended when connecting through AirYork or off campus.

How do I get it?

  • You can login to VPN links listed below using using your Passport York username and password. If you have problems logging in, then have your Passport York password changed from Manage My Services.
  • VPN link:
  • Some applications will automatically redirect users to the secure remote access login page if accessed from off campus.
  • For Windows users, Internet Explorer is strongly recommended when connecting to secure remote access. Once connected, any browser can then be used.

How do I get help?