Undergraduate Email

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Graduate Email

Students can have a centrally-supported email account, called MyMail. This account may be used for official correspondence and may also be required for some courses. You may forward this email address to a personal email address, but if you do you are responsible for ensuring that you can receive any forwarded messages.

Note: email accounts are disabled when you are not currently registered in courses.

How to get your email:

How to change your email password:

    • Log in to Manage My Services with your Passport York, click on change passwords, place a check mark beside electronic mail, enter new password twice and click on change passwords.

Your account quota (total capacity your email account can store at one time):

  • Graduate Students: 1GB

Email Message Size

  • The maximum size for individual email messages is 15 MB including text and attachments. This applies to both incoming and outgoing messages

Getting help

Faculty-supported email accounts: