Connecting from Home - WebFAS

The WebFAS service will be retired on Friday December 20, 2019.
The MyApps service, is replacing WebFAS and it offers a more modern and convenient solution for delivering software to students, faculty and staff.
For additional information, please refer to


WebFAS is a web-based virtual desktop and Windows application delivery service. Remote access to home directories and shared folders on FAS is available through this service.

How do I get it?

WebFAS requires your active Passport York username and password, and is available through any computer which meets the system requirements below:


How do I get help?

  • Specific directions for connecting using:

    Microsoft Windows

    Please follow the steps below:

        1. Login to using Internet Explorer or Firefox.
        2. If this is your first time accessing WebFAS, you will see the message "Install Citrix Receiver to access your applications".
        3. Click on the check box beside "I agree with the Citrix license Agreement" and click on Install. This will start the Citrix Receiver installation process.
        4. When prompted you can save (and run) or directly run the file to continue the installation process.
        5. You may get a message saying "Do you want to allow this this program to make changes on your computer." Click Yes.
        6. You should see a pop-up window titled "Welcome to Citrix Receiver". Click Install.
        7. You may get a yellow bar on the top of your browser stating "This website wants to run the following add-on: Citrix Systems". Click on the bar and click on "Run Add-On".
        8. You may get a window stating "Do you want to run this ActiveX control". Click Run.
        9. Once the Citrix installation is done you will see the screen message "Welcome to WebFAS". Enter your Passport York credentials and click on Log On.
        10. Click on the "+" symbol on the left or on the centre and then click on "All Apps" and choose the application you want to work with. These application icons will go to the centre of your screen.
        11. Click on the application you wish to launch.

    Mac OS X

    Please see instructions in the following document (PDF).


    The Citrix client for Ubuntu is available for download at the following page. UIT does not provide any support for webfas on Linux.

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. I have installed the Receiver Client but it still isn't being detected by Firefox.

      This can happen if Firefox was installed by another administrator of the system. To rectify this issue please re-install Firefox and the Receiver Client.

    2. How do I launch applications for WebFAS?Click on the desired application to launch it within the Receiver Client.

      If you are prompted with "Client file security" select Full Access to see your local resources in the session; then, select Never ask me again to disable the prompt and prevent it from appearing in the future.

    3. I am logged in to WebFAS but cannot launch applications. I am using Windows 8.1. What should I do?

      Click on your name on the top inside WebFAS and then click on "Activate". Click on Open with to open the receiverconfig.scr file and click on OK . When you are prompted with the question "Do you want to add "WebFAS" provided by "York University" click on ADD.

    4. Log out and log back in to WebFAS and launch the applications.

    5. How do I save and attach files to an email from within WebFAS?

      When saving a file from WebFAS, a user needs to explicitly browse to the save location. All the local machine drives (C:, etc.) as well as network drives (H:, X:) are available as save locations.

      A user can save files to 'My Documents' and then browse to attach the file.

    6. How do I un-install the Receiver Client?Windows: Use the Add/Remove programs to uninstall the Citrix Receiver Client.

      Windows:Click on the desired application to launch it within the Receiver Client.

      Mac OS X: Click here for an article on how to uninstall the Citrix Plugin in Mac OS X

    7. I get an error stating that I am logged in from another location.What can I do?

      You can click on “Log Off” located on the top beside settings. Close your browser and re-launch it. Log in to to connect to WebFAS.

    8. How can I see my shared drives from off campus locations using WebFAS?Log in to to access WebFAS.

      Launch “Windows Explorer” to access your files and folders in your shared drives.

      Note: You can only see actual files and folders in shared drives that you have access to. You will not be able to see any short cut drives that were individually mapped for you. However you can access all the files and folders within these individually created short cut drives, through your shared drives.

      If you cannot see any shared drives that you have access to in your office workstation, then please contact us at or submit a ticket .

    9. How can I transfer files between my shared drives and home computer.Login to WebFAS and launch “Windows Explorer”.

      You may get an alert asking for permission for a remote application trying to access files on your workstation:

      Click Yes.

      If you wish to strictly read the files and not edit them then you can click on the box beside Read Files only.

      You can transfer files between your shared drives and your personal workstation within this Windows Explorer. You cannot drag and drop files from this window to your personal desktop.

    10. What is the current UIT supported Citrix Receiver version?
      UIT currently supports Citrix Receiver for Windows 4.4.1000 and Citrix Receiver for Mac 12.2.
    11. My browser did not detect the Citrix Client or prompt me to install it. How can I install it manually?
      If you have checked Add / Remove programs, and do not see Citrix Receiver installed then you can download the installers from the following locations:

      Citrix Receiver for Windows 4.4.1000

      Citrix Receiver for Mac 12.2

      Citrix Receiver for Linux 13.4

      Once downloaded please install then access WebFAS through your chosen browser at

    12. The Citrix receiver states "Enter your work email or server address. What should I do? In the Citrix Receiver window type in ""

      Click on Next to complete the process.

    13. Why does my session time out?
        • Idle session time out:

      Your session will end if it is idle (no keyboard input or no mouse input) for 1 hour.

        • Disconnected session time out:

      If for some reasons (such as disconnected internet, disconnected wireless) your session gets disconnected, you will be able to re-connect to the same session within 15mins.

      • How do I keep a session from timing outYou will not be prompted to re-authenticate if you launch an application within 5 minutes after you closed your last application.
      • How can I avoid losing my work? If you are editing a new document, we advise that you save it to a location such as a department share (H: drive) or personal home directory (F: drive for students, X: drive for some faculty and staff). There's a risk that you may lose your work if you don't do so.

        There are added benefits with the auto-save functionality in some applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel. In doing the above, your document will automatically save every 10 minutes.

    14. Should I modify my device power management settings?You are required to modify your device power management settings (Sleep and Hibernate mode, NIC settings) in order to keep your WebFAS session alive. Minimum recommended is 1 hour / 60 minutes.
    15. I cannot see my local drives via Citrix/WebFAS. I answered "No" when I was prompted with the question of whether or not I wish to provide access to local drives. How do I fix this? 1.If you are running a York University machine with Citrix setup:
      • Click on Windows Explorer (within the Citrix window) to launch it (it will take the usual 30 or so seconds to start up)
      • You should see the Citrix icon on their system tray (normally next to the clock on Windows OS)... right-click that Citrix icon and select "About" and a pop-up will appear.
      • In the About popup, expand Advanced and select Connection Center and another pop-up will appear
      • In the Citrix Connection Center pop-up, on the left side in the ICA connections section, make sure the yellow folder is selected ( CASTELAO) and then on the right side you can make changes to the Session security drop down menus like Files: setting it to Full Access.

      2. If you are running Citrix because you started using WebFAS and it loaded Citrix that way:

      • Click on Windows Explorer (within the Citrix window) to launch it (it will take the usual 30 or so seconds to start up)
      • You should also see the Citrix icon on your system tray (normally next to the clock on Windows OS)... right-click the Citrix icon and select Preferences then Plug-in status and then the link to access the Connection Center
      • In the Citrix Connection Center, on the left side in the ICA connections section, make sure the yellow folder is selected (CASTELAO) and then on the right side you can make changes to the Session Security drop down menus like Files: setting it to Full Access

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows minimum requirements Mac OS X minimum requirements Linux /Unix minimum requirements
Windows 7, Windows 10
Internet Explorer 11
Latest release of Mozilla Firefox
Citrix Receiver for Windows 4.4.1000
Mac OS X 10.11, 10.12, 10.13
Latest release of Safari
Latest release of Mozilla Firefox
Citrix Receiver for Mac 12.2

Linux min. requirements
Firefox 48 and higher
Replace ICS client for linux with Citrix Receiver for Linux 13.4