2013 Student IT Survey Winners

IT Survey Winners
Bob Gagne, York University Chief Information Officer, with the three draw winners of the 2013 Student IT Survey.

KOBO Winners:

Dale Boudreau is graduating from a three year program in Political Science.  Before coming to York, Dale spent six years as an aviation mechanic in the Canadian Air Force, and hopes to go to McGill Law School this Fall.
Jerry Yu is a second year student in a Financial Business & Economics program.  Jerry transferred to York from University of China; he thought Canada looked like a good country to attend school, and he will continue his studies over the summer.

iPAD Mini Winner:

Juna Lilaj is a fourth year student in an English program. Juna plans to take her new iPad to Argentina this summer where she is teaching English to children, which should assist her future plans of obtaining a teaching degree.

Congratulations to all our winners, and thank you to everyone who filled in the 2013 Student IT Survey.